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Emolinguistics and Thought Processing

We are formed by the linguistics of our personal environment, be that personal or social.


Our thought processing is controlled by the limits of our social vocabulary. The more exclusive the society the more limited the linguistic information.


Internally all thought processing, we can presume, works in the same general way, otherwise we would not have the cooperation that has created the world which we know today, your thinking process being the same as mine except for different linguistic contructions and a multitude of individual human mental construction. However we must never forget that no two human beings throughout the whole of human existence have ever been identical, both physically and mentally. We are after all, the result of a highly complex chemical  process which creates the varity of human beings who are, have been and will be. Everything we see around us is unique confirming the random nature of evolution and genetic evolution. Underlying all this, for humans, is the emotional dictionary which triggers the physical and mental reactions to any single communication whether it is with other humans or with oneself controlled by the different chemical make up of each individual. 


It is the random nature of the construction of all the concepts we experience which creates and defines us as human beings. The evidence clearly shows that there is an emotional element to all these thought processes controlling how we apply our linguistic knowledge.


Throughout time individuals have devoted their lives to the study of single disciplines which have created new conceptions based on ancient linguistics and hence to the modern enlightenment of human knowledge and creation of new linguistics which fit more closer to the Factual Reality in which generations find themselves. Many of these ancient concepts become the source of both positive (interest) and negative (disgust) and in the process create new linguistic combinations.


With the advent of the Internet the diversity of linguistic concepts and human philosophies have become, for the first time in human history, available to the whole world. This amazing invention, one amoung millions, is already creating totally new concepts and deseminating them on the Web.


A wonderful research laboratory for the study of human thought processing. 

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