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On the first page I stated, to understand the site it was necessary to arrive at this page. The reason for this is that the site is a social experiment. The website has been deliberately designed to challenge your emotions. If you arrived at this page after you read every other page you have a high EQ quotient because you have not allowed your emotional feelings regarding all the visual and aural content to distract you from the desire to discover new information rather than dismissing it because it is new and you have emotional hang ups as to how information is required, in your world, to be presented. Shame on you if you started here. :-)


​The example below provides evidence of precisely the reaction which  was designed into the website and further confirmation of the validity of Emolinguistics. My reply also plays with the tone of the critique.


Russell Crew-Gee

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Axxxx Mxxxxx Did have a look at your website but found it impossible to read - too much reliance on primary school colouring in on each page.

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Russell Crew-Gee Thanks for the feedback. You are the perfect example of the human being who allows their emotional judgments to reject perfectly valid information. The website was designed deliberately to play with people's emotions. You have defined yourself as an emotionally unaware human driven more by emotional interpretations which cause interference in accepting factual life information. 
Mental blocks on reality. Gold on black mixed fonts are not difficult to read and background abstract images of real life objects along with possible aural distraction need not interfere with your ability to read the information. Images are not signs of primary school colouring books they are, in the mature world, objects of art and daily life information. Apologies for being so blunt, unfortunately your EQ lacks maturity as shown by your judgmental language. May I make a suggestion. You leave aside all the interference and concentrate solely on the information as defined by the words. Cold academic papers can NEVER ( not shouting, solely emphasis.) cover all the aspects required to explain the areas of Emotional influences humans are subjected to as you have clearly shown by your reactions to the website. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to explain the purpose and process taking place and for proving yet again that Emolinguistics has a role to play in life and is the science behind any neural linguistic activities used to alter our image of the world around us.  The concepts of the language we use both to ourselves and others. 

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